Buildings Consume

20% of potable water

39% of primary energy

40% of raw materials

48% of Carbon emissions

70% of Electricity

Green Buildings Save

30-50% of energy

35% of carbon emissions

40% of water

70% of solid waste

Green Building User Productivity

Workers are 18% more productive

Students achieve 5-14%

higher test scores

Hospital Stays 8.5% shorter

Retail Sales 15-40% higher

Green Building Certifications (LEED, GREEN STAR, EDGE)
LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized green building certification system created by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Green Star is also an internationally recognized green building certification created in Australia and adopted in South Africa and most recently Kenya. EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) is a green building standard and certification system for emerging countries developed by the World Bank as a cost effective tool for developing and rating green/efficient buildings.


UGC are qualified LEED, Green Star and EDGE accreditors and are authorized to undertake certifications of building developments. 

Energy, Daylight, Natural Ventilation and Accoustic Modeling
As certification is not always a desired final objective for a developer, UGC also provide sustainable consultancy services to assist the building in being ‘green’ and fulfilling sustainability objectives in terms of reducing operating costs and increasing the life cycle of the building. Through building simulation modeling (energy, daylight, ventilation, facade etc.) we estimate to be able to reduce the energy consumption of a building by at least 12-16% compared to an ASHRAE baseline building of similar design. The savings compared to a typical Kenyan building will be much higher.

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)
EIAs are legal requirement and part of the project development process usually done at the initial stages of a project development. It is a decision making tool and should guide whether a project should be implemented, abandoned or modified prior to implementation. The goal of an EIA is to ensure that decisions on proposed projects and activities are environmentally sustainable.  
UGC Consultants have extensive experience undertaking EIAs both locally and internationally.

Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management
The local construction industry often falls significantly short of international best management practices and legal requirements set within the country for both occupational health and safety and environmental management. UGC has acquired extensive experience managing on-site environmental and health and safety issues on mining and construction sites throughout Australian and Kenyan industries and is able to provide the necessary advice and assistance on developing occupational health and safety procedures and environmental management plans specific to individual site contexts. A notable project was that of The Hub Shopping Centre, Karen where Amrish led a team carrying out the Health & Safety Audits on a bi-monthly basis for two years. 

Environmental Audits
Environmental audits are the systematic documented, periodic and objective evaluations of how activities and processes of an ongoing project to determine how far these activities and programs conform to the approved environmental management plan of that specific project and sound environmental management practices.

Other Services
Other services UGC offer is development of Environmental Management Systems and Policies, Land Rehabilitation Services and consultation on any other environmentally related issues. ISO 14001 services can also be explored.




Founding Director Sustainability Consultant

Amrish Shah  

Amrish Shah is the founder and Managing Director of UGC. Amrish holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia and a Masters of Environmental Management majoring in Sustainable Development from the University of Queensland, Australia. He is a LEED Green Associate, Green Star Accredited Professional, EDGE Expert and EDGE Auditor. Amrish is also the Board Secretary of the Kenya Green Building Society (KGBS)

Amrish has worked on numerous high profile green building projects in Nairobi including:

-Eaton Place Offices, Gigiri (1st LEED Certified Building in Kenya)

-The Hub Shopping Centre, Karen (Environmental, Health & Safety Bi-monthly auditing)

-Chase Bank HQ, Riverside Drive (Sustainable Building Design)

-Vienna Court Offices, Statehouse (LEED Gold Pre-Certified)

-French Embassy New Campus, Spring Valley (Environmental Impact Assessment)

-Lumen Square Offices, Parklands (LEED Certification – LEED Gold Pre-Certified)

-Capital M Apartments, Westlands (LEED Certification – Currently in progress)

-Skynest Apartments, Westlands (LEED Certification – Currently in progress)

-College of Insurance, South C (LEED Commissioning)

-Krill Hospital, Kiambu Road (EDGE Certification)

-Tile and Carpet Warehouses, Mombasa Road (EDGE Certification)

-The Pod Office, Lavington (LEED Certification)

-Project Rose Serviced Apartments, Gigiri (LEED Certification)

-Chandarana Foodplus Offices, Westlands (Environmental Design)

-World Bank HQ, Upper Hill (EDGE Certification)

-Belgo 88 acre mixed use masterplan, Kitisuru (Energy modeling and sustainable design)

-Pullman Hotel, Addis Ababa (EDGE Certification)

Amrish formerly worked as an environmental consultant for three years in Australia with some of the largest mining and construction organisations worldwide (Bechtel, BP, Shell, Oracle) acquiring extensive experience in sustainable construction practices, environmental impact assessments, environmental management plans, environmental and development approvals, contaminated land management, land rehabilitation and environmental monitoring for a diverse range of projects.

Mike Barker

Associate Engineer

Mike Barker is the founder of Building Physics, South Africa. Mike is a highly specialised electrical engineer with over 30 years industry experience. Mike specialises in Electronics Building Services, Building Control Systems and Building Management Systems.  Mike was a key member of the team undertaking the LEED certification of the Coca Cola building in Johannesburg as well as the majority of South Africa’s convention centre’s including the Durban International Conventional Centre, Cape Town International Convention Centre, Polokwane Convention & Exhibition Centre and the Nelson Mandela Bay Convention Centre.

Mike is a member of numerous professional organizations including the Green Building Council of South Africa, the United States Green Building Council, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in SA, ASHRAE and the National Fenestration Rating Council. Mike offers support to Building Services Engineering and IAQ with regards to Energy Modelling, Building Modelling, Daylighting, Energy Consumption and Solar Heat Gain.  He is involved in ongoing research into Smart Buildings, Energy Conservation, Green Buildings, Sustainable Buildings and Intelligent Buildings which includes technologies such as oBIX, XML, LONworks. 




Capital M is targeting LEED Gold Certification and aims to be the first residential apartment complex to achieve LEED Certification in the Kenya. Capital M will be completely naturally ventilated, optimally designed for natural lighting, have high energy efficient rated lighting, Solar thermal and PV generation, high efficiency flush/flow fixtures and generally meet the high environmental standards governed by LEED certification.



The development will be seeking LEED Gold Certification by employing advanced strategies in passive design and maximizing natural lighting and ventilation requiring minimal energy from local power supply. Additional energy will be supplied by an 80kW solar PV system. Lumen Square will be the highest green rated office building in the country and has successfully achieved LEED Gold Pre-Certification.



Skynest is targeting LEED Certification to become among the first residential apartment complex’s in Kenya to achieve LEED Certification. Skynest is 100% naturally ventilated and designed for maximum natural lighting. High solar performing glass and balcony shading design will result in optimum user comfort for the tenant.

The building will employ high efficient water flush/flow fixtures and rainwater harvesting measures to conserve water. Solar hot water and PV will be installed on all usable roof space areas.


College of Insurance is a state of the art conference, hotel and training facility. The design concept adopted ensures that the project preserves the surrounding ecosystem, maintains a natural storm water flow by promoting infiltration through the use of the landscaped earth mounds. The building will be of high energy efficiency and use solar technology for electricity and hot water generation. The project is targeting LEED Gold Certification. UGC is undertaking the Building Commissioning component of the Certification of this project.



Eurecca suites is a state of the art office complex under construction on Riverside Lane, Nairobi. The building is employing strategies in energy efficiency through sun shading, internal light shelving and high efficient lighting. This coupled with a 400Kw solar PV system will create a highly energy efficient building. The building will also tackle storm water issues by collecting the majority of rainwater and storm water and diverting this back to the groundwater table via a filtration system.



Kril Hospital will be a state of the art medical complex placing high regard to environmental mitigation strategies. The project is pursuing EDGE Certification through UGC. UGC is also undertaking the building simulation works with focus on energy and ventilation analysis and assisting the project in meeting its EDGE energy objectives



TACC has engaged UGC to undertake the building simulation and energy analysis to optimize the building’s energy and ventilation needs. UGC will also be assisting with water and material strategies with an ultimate aim of achieving EDGE certification.  The warehouses aim to provide a low utility cost product to the end consumer with an overall low environmental impact.



The POD is a proposed twin ‘pod’ building comprising of 6 floors of office space on either tower. UGC is undertaking the environmental design and LEED certification addressing all areas of energy efficiency, water conservations, material selections, indoor air quality and general tenant wellbeing. 



Project Rose is a proposed serviced apartment project to be run by Ascott hotels from Singapore. UGC is undertaking the environmental design and LEED certification. Having been engaged right from concept design significant savings will be made through building energy optimization and water efficiencies. The overall environmental impact will be much lower to comparable baseline buildings.



UGC is undertaking all building simulation analysis work to help optimize building performance with the key objectives of maximizing natural lighting and removing any need for AC systems. Additional analysis is also being carried out on external shading structures. Potential EDGE certification to be undertaken.



UGC has been engaged to undertake the EDGE certification for the existing Delta Centre building which houses the World Bank HQ for the region. The current internal offices are LEED certified for commercial interiors.



UGC is undertaking the EDGE Certification of the project.  Key green attributes of the building are high solar control glazing to reduce solar gain, efficient lighting fixture and controls and state of the art efficient air conditioning with water cooled chiller system. A large focus is also being given to employing high efficiency flush/flow fixtures throughout the project.



Victoria House is a proposed office and retail complex with a mission to assist informal businesses and retailers utilize more dignified and professional spaces to conduct their business. UGC is undertaking all building simulation analysis  and EDGE Certification work to help optimize building performance with the key objectives of maximizing natural lighting and removing any need for AC systems. 




Amrish Shah (MSc.SusDev, LEED GA, GREEN STAR AP)


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